Release notes for IBM CICS VSAM Transparency Version plug-in


Whats new in this release?

Version introduces the VSAM Transparency Files view

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System requirements and prerequisites

The IBM CICS® VSAM Transparency plug-in can be installed in the CICS Explorer™ V1.1.1 or later, or Rational® Developer for System z® V8.0 or later.

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Downloading and installing the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in

To download the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in from the download Web site:
  1. Click the CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in V2.1.0.0 download link.
  2. Save the compressed file in a temporary directory. Do NOT extract the file. The CICS Explorer® extracts the contents automatically.

To install the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in in the CICS Explorer Version 1.1.1:

  1. Launch the CICS Explorer.
  2. Click Help on the CICS Explorer menu bar and click Software Updates in the drop-down menu. The Software Updates and Add-ons window is displayed.
  3. Click Available Software.
  4. Click Add site and in the Add Site dialog click Archive. The Repository archive dialog box is displayed.
  5. Locate and select the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in compressed file you downloaded previously, and click Open.
  6. Click OK in the Add Site dialog box. The dialog box closes and the tool is displayed in the Software Updates and Add-ons dialog box.
  7. Select the check box alongside the tool name.
  8. Click Install
  9. In the Install dialog box, click Next to confirm the installation.
  10. Review the license and click the relevant radio button. Click Finish to complete the installation, or Cancel if you do not accept the license.

If you accepted the license, the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency plug-in is installed into the CICS Explorer. You are prompted to restart the CICS Explorer. This ensures that the plug-in starts in a clean environment.

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Getting started

When the CICS Explorer restarts the SM perspective is displayed. To open the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency view, click Window > Show view > Other, expand CICS VSAM Transparency select VSAM Transparency Files

If you are not familiar with IBM CICS VSAM Transparency you can read the Getting Started information in the help documentation. Click Help > Help Contents and select the IBM CICS VSAM Transparency Plug-in Help.

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